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Two Door Passenger Cars

- Economy: $165.00
- Professional: $225.00
- Premium: $345.00

Four Door Passenger Cars &
Four Door Pick-Up Trucks:

- Economy: $185.00
- Professional: $285.00
- Premium: $395.00

SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle)
Driver Passenger Doors:

- Economy: $95.00
- Professional: $125.00
- Premium: $225.00

Full SUVs
(Four Doors & Rear Section):

- Economy: $195.00
- Professional: $295.00
- Premium: $425.00

Some exotic and sport cars require special pricing. Windshields & Sunroofs extra.

Economy: economy grade tint - one year warranty
Professional: professional grade tint - lifetime warranty
Premium: ceramic tint - lifetime warranty

With any choice YOU STILL GET custom tinting of all windows. We custom cut every window by hand (no plotter “light leak” cuts). And, WE DO NT REMOVE YOUR DOOR PANELS. Removing door panels leads to all kinds of problems, especially with all the technology in new doors.

Off the street jobs welcome!

A Touch of Class for Your Glass